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Remko van Wely

Since 1996 I have been working as a freelance lighting technician mainly in Dutch theaters. After studying Theatre Technology and Cultural Management at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, I worked for several theater and dance companies and theater producers, including Senf Theater Partners, Conny Janssen Danst, Stage Entertainment, Egmond Theater and the Holland Festival.

In the beginning of my career I repeatedly collaborated as an electrician with the same lighting designers. They inspired me to continuing partnerships. To me the exchange of creative ideas in the process of creating a performance with all people involved is essential and indispensable. Over the years I gradually developed myself from a lighting technician and programmer into a (co)-designer of light, but still I’m convinced cooperation is of utmost importance. Presently- being a freelance lighting designer- my designs are characterized by the bringing together of the creative ideas and the input of the entire team.

An example of how I evolved from lighting technician into making my own lighting designs is my work with lighting- and set designer Niek Kortekaas. In the beginning I started out as a lighting technician with his lighting design for King of Katoren. Later on, in close cooperation with Niek, I made the lighting designs for the family shows Pippi Longstocking, the Jungle Book and Otje. Thus at the Ro-Theater we worked together in the same way for the family shows Snorro, Moord in de Kerststal and Woest Water and so also at the Zuidelijk Toneel for the show Journey around the world in eighty days. Followed by light design for the international Irish production On Eagles Wings and the light designs for productions for which Niek was director and set designer: the Storm, Trojan Women at the Zeeland Nazomer Festival.

Under the name DHVW I work in a similar collaboration with Claus Den Hartog. DHVW is among other things responsible for the lighting design and lighting programming of spectacular circus shows such as Cirque Stiletto and Cirque Stiletto 2 with Ellen Ten Damme, Crazy Shopping the Musical, Yab Yum The Musical and the 25th anniversary show of Karin Bloemen in Carré.

My work as a technical coordinator, lighting technician and lighting designer for the renowned ballet company Conny Janssen Danst is also based on my conviction that the sum total should be the norm, i.e. a collaboration and creative input of all the participants in the creative process. Since 2003 I participated in several theater productions such as Light, Waste&Glass, Salt, Rebound, Inside Out and location productions such as So Here We Are, Common Ground, How Long Is Now, Mirror Mirror and Courage.

Apart from all these activities, more and more often I created lighting designs for other dance and theater makers including Liat Waysbort, Krisztina de Châtel, Rene Geerlings and Job Raaymakers, Joep Onderdelinden, various representations of Bos Theater Producties and the Zeeland Nazomerfestival.

Since 2022, in addition to my independent work, I have also been part of the Cue1 partnership. As a collective we want to support and inspire each other. Cue1 is active in theater and museum, at events, television and all other applications where a creative use of light and design is desired. We look with an artistic eye and look for a creative and practical interpretation within the technical possibilities and budget.
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